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Kagura Games has published developer Insuku's lighthearted adventure RPG, Sister Travel, on Steam.

While there’s already a kingdom established within the Yluze region, the land itself remains largely unexplored. Unmapped forests and forgotten ruins litter the area, inviting adventurers hungry for thrills. In Sister Travel, You are one such adventurer and have arrived in Yluze together with two companions: the helpful barmaid Aidelle, whose panties wait unprotected in her empty room, and the energetic warrior Kodachi, who’s perhaps even more eager to explore these lands than you.

The two refer to you as Big Bro, due to your caring nature and the fact that you’re the only guy in the team. Together, you’re tasked with discovering the secrets of the region and hunting the local monsters.

The gameplay is a mix of simple time management and traditional turn-based RPG fare. Big Bro and Kodachi have a limited amount of action points available to them each day. Getting into a fight and certain other action will deplete said points. At 0, the character becomes fatigued, making it difficult to keep fighting. Resting at the inn restores action points, but you’ve got to complete your quests before you run out of funds.

You can check out the game’s official description and sample screenshots below:

A Dungeon Crawling-Choose Your Own Adventure-type RPG is here!

A heart-pounding thrill ride that you’ll never forget!

Treasures hidden away inside ancient ruins.

Nail-biting battles against monsters.

Yearning for a land unseen.

An adventurer. And his sister-like companions.

Enjoy this adventure filled with romance and epic fight scenes!

Experience this masterful blend of action and romance brought to you in native English!


A Dungeon-Crawling-Choose Your Own Adventure-type RPG

An Elaborate, Hand-drawn World Map

A Large Ensemble Cast of Characters

Tons of Fight Scenes

You can purchase Sister Travel on Steam for $11.99 at 20% off until the 31st of January, at which point the game will cost $14.99.

The game’s adult content is censored by default. To unlock it, you will have to download an adult patch from the Kagura Games website.

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