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An independent team of developers is working on Hardcoded, a lewd cyberpunk adventure aimed towards the dickgirl enthusiast.

The story of Hardcoded takes place in the neon-lit backstreets of a cyberpunk metropolis. You view the unfolding events from the eyes of a runaway droid — a new and exclusive model capable of thinking and learning, with its own personality and desires, one of which is freedom. With the help of a few kindhearted strangers, you manage to hide from the police and begin a new life, however, you’re unable to change your old, hardcoded name, which earns you the nickname HC.

After this much is established, the game begins in earnest, giving you full control of HC’s further exploits. The game is mainly a visual novel with a point-and-click adventure style of controls. You can explore a small, but heavily detailed futuristic town, make friends or whore yourself out to earn money to play dress up. Alternatively, coupons needed for buying clothes can also be gained by breaking the patrolling drones.

Most of the game’s action is told via visual novel style cutscenes. Each in-game day, you can pick a story from the list of events. There’s the main quest, which will have you and your party of dickgirls investigate the recent rise in lust and perversion around town, or you can pay a visit to one of your many friends and advance your relationships. The events often require the player to decide on what to say and what to do.

The features animated, high quality pixel art sex scenes, most of which involve dickgirls. As it just happened, the friendly faces HC meet also tend to carry a package, and HC’s owner happened to design them that way too.

Hardcoded is being developed by Fortunae Virgo, an independent team composed of Kenzie and Trix Royale, with support from Wintermirror, Forrest Kepler, S.R. Holiwell, and Saturday.

You can get the free demo from their Itch.io, or the much more robust version from their Patreon if you decide to support the development process.

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