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Digital game store JAST USA has published numerous games rejected by Steam.

A while back Steam had begun selling adult-only titles, however, the exact details of what is and isn’t acceptable content in a game for adults have been largely unclear. Many games have been rejected by the platform, often under the accusation of portraying child exploitation. The developers and publishers of those games have been seeking refuge at different storefronts, and four of them have recently arrived at JAST USA.

First of these games is Maomao Discovery Team, a simple dungeon crawling RPG about a cursed catgirl Maomao. You manage and guide her through dangerous dungeons and your bonds grow closer along the way. The game was originally released on Steam, but was later silently deleted, likely due to Maomao’s childish appearance. The game was developed by celusis and published by celLab

The second title is a visual novel Hello, Goodbye by Lump of Sugar. Its story is seen from the perspective of a military officer investigating Tenshudo Academy under the guise of a transfer student, Toubu Kaito. Action takes place in an alternative history version of Japan, which is divided into two factions. As Toubu investigates the school he comes across multiple young girls. While the game originally had a functioning Steam store page, it was suddenly removed just like Maomao Discovery Team. The girls’ appearance and the school settings are likely reasons to blame.

Imolicious is a very short visual novel about a pair of students, a brother and younger sister, who begin to live together after their parents' death. Over time their affection towards each other grows exponentially, and they inch ever so closer to going over the line. The game was rejected by Valve under the accusation of child exploitation, which left the developer baffled, as he explained on Twitter his lack of intention to portray children. Not to mention, the base game was a romantic novel, with the pornographic content intended as a separate, optional DLC.

The last of the recently published titles is Cross Love, a two to four hour long yaoi visual novel about a crossdresser named Yuu and a shy student, Kiriya. When Kiriya sees Yuu crossdressing at school, he mistakes him for a girl, and the two hit off. Cross Love was created by Top Hat Studios with the intention of being an episodic series, with only the first being out so far. Similarly to other cases, Cross Love was accused of child exploitation and banned for that reason in spite of the developer claiming otherwise, and the game’s narrative contextualizing the characters as adults.Tweet

You can now purchase all four from JAST USA:

Maomao Discovery Team for $9.99.

Hello, Goodbye for $26.99 at 10% off, or the deluxe edition featuring the OST on discount for $33.29.

Imolicious for $3.99.

Cross Love for $4.99.

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