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Victory Project, a mystery thriller visual novel by 33Paradox, has been denied release on Steam.

Scheduled for a Chinese release on Steam in December 2018, Victory Project was an upcoming visual novel with elements of politics, romance, and mystery. The visual novel featured a conspiracy story of a man named Raymond being unjustly sent to prison due to money laundering allegations. After a few years in jail, he’s sent to an island for convicts where he meets the heroine.

After being submitted for review on Steam, the publishing date for Victory Project was postponed until further notice. Just recently, on the 24th of January, its store page was suddenly removed.

Victory Project’s Steam page has contained a claim that the game’s characters are all 18 years of age. It featured scenes of nudity and descriptions of sexual content:


~~低龄角色仅为故事配角,不可攻略或主要展示。Main characters are above the age of 18.

Other characters are only supporting roles.本作品为架空社会,无犯罪情节。

包含以下要素:轻微血腥场面,裸露身体,轻微文艺色情描述。It contains the following elements: slight bloody scenes, naked body, slight literary pornographic description.~~

Steam has warned publishers in the past that such claims won’t save them if the characters are deemed childlike in appearance, or if they are established to be children through context, like exclaiming to be high school students. In the Victory Project opening video, there are two childlike characters present, one of them being the game’s lead heroine. At the moment, we don’t have any examples of nudity or pornographic descriptions from the game, so we cannot tell whether those characters were involved in any of them.

Aside from its planned Chinese release, the game was also being translated into English, according to one of the developers on the Steam forums. We do not have any details of their dealings with Valve, nor any information about their future plans.

NEKO WORKs, who develop and publish the Nekopara series, have voiced their concerns about the recent wave of rejections adult games have been facing on Steam:


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