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Kindred Spirits on the Roof Full Chorus, an upgraded version of the game that adds voice acting and more CGs, has been released on Steam and MangaGamer.

Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a yuri visual novel developed by Liar-soft. It centers around Toomi Yuna and two ghost girls who are in love with each other — Nagatami Megumi and Enoki Sachi. Megumi and Sachi ask Yuna to help them find out how girls make love because they never experienced this happiness while they were alive. Thus, they follow the relationships between sixteen girls and watch as they understand and express their feelings for one another.

Kindred Spirits on the Roof Full Chorus upgrades the original game with full voice acting, new CGs, ten special drama CDs, voice actor commentary, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Full Chorus version upgrade of the game is available on MangaGamer and Steam as DLC.

In Kindred Spirits on the Roof, it's up to you to help girls find true love with each other! Spurred on by two ghosts who want to find out how girls make love together and help other girls find the happiness they couldn't achieve in life, it's your job to explore the relationships between 16 different characters as they try to untangle with their feelings for each other.

You'll get to live every's girl's story through her own eyes, experiencing their emotions and antics as they confront their identity, their goals, and their love.

And with the Full Chorus update, you'll get to experience every moment with full voice acting!

Grab this DLC update and experience the wonderful relationships on Linux and Mac as well! There's even new voice actor commentary and drama CD specials included with this special upgrade!

The Kindred Spirits on the Roof Full Chorus DLC is on sale on MangaGamer for $8.45 and Steam for $8.49. Once their sales end, the prices will increase to $9.95 on MangaGamer and $9.99 on Steam. If you don’t have the base game yet, you can purchase the full game with the upgrade on MangaGamer for $44.95. On Steam, however, you will need to buy the original version of the game, which is $34.99, and the DLC separately.

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