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The masturbation machine building game Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple has been released in the ImagineVR store.

Developed by Zerobyteorbit, Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple is a VR game where you can build intense and unique masturbation machines. When the elf witch Nagi gets tired of the masturbation machines in a basement, she seeks out a ruined temple at the top floor of the Devil’s Castle, which happens to be where wicked masturbation machines from an ancient world are. Excited by the thought of torturous pleasure, Nagi is dedicated to free the machines from The Cloud Buster.

Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple can be played with a VR headset and a USB Onaho. The game is very customizable. You can change Nagi’s clothes, body shape, tattoos and genetalia to fit your preferences. Create your own masturbation machine with over 130 combinations and numerous attachments that serve various purposes. You can equip your machine with electric shocks, anal plugs, chastity belts, parasite injectors, and more.

* Story

In a ruined world remains only the Devil's Castle.

There was an elf witch Nagi who was masturbating to kill time with machines found in a small room in the basement. When she was satisfied with all the machines, she remembered the existence of a ruined temple on the top floor of the demon's castle.

There was a cloud buster secretly hiding a machine with incomparable amount of wickedness compared to the machine found in the underground small room. The Cloud Buster was a large machine that blew away stagnant clouds using orgone energy, and inside it contained machines used for rituals.

Nagi got so fired up seeing the aggressive, torturing machine that he could die.

When you free all the machines in this cloud buster, you'll get a hint to fix the ruined world.

Nagi decided to dedicate his body to these machines.... The harsh, unforgiving, and nightmare-like machine masturbation begins.

* Masturbation to combine the machines for multiple variations

More than 130 combinations of machines!

The piston machine can be installed with a wide range of custom variations using tips, and injectors and spanking attachments.

Machines for urethral use, clitoris, or torture like devices such as spatula chastity belt, which rubs against the vagina or anal, or chainsaw chastity belt that induce intense stimulation are available as well.

There are also masturbation machines like anal plugs, penis plugs, and parasites that you can inject.

If you want to learn more about Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Life of the Sky Temple, you can find it on ImagineVR for $18.00. There is also a trial version available for download if you wish to see whether this game suits your interests. Before you buy it, make sure you have the Imagine Client downloaded.

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