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Black Train’s game made in collaboration with Sugar Star, Niplheim's Hunter - Branded Azel, is available on Steam.

Developed by Black Train and Sugar Star and published by HappyHand, Niplheim’s Hunter - Branded Azel was a game made with Wolf RPG Editor. The story follows Azel, a girl hunting for a demon that branded her. To accomplish this goal, she decides to join a guild in Niplheim, a dangerous land where monsters and humans clash.

The brand on her abdomen allows her to use magic, but using it causes her EP to increase. If her EP bar fills up to 100, Azel will go into heat. The monsters near her are affected as well, causing them to rape her. On the plus side, if she orgasms and collects a certain amount of semen, she can learn passive skills.

Niplheim’s Hunter - Branded Azel is an RPG where you take up quests while obtaining more information about the demon Azel is hunting. The quests consist of gathering materials and killing specific monsters. Update your weaponry and armor to take on stronger monsters in a turn-based battle system. Any armor you equip is visible on Azel. While you eventually have to switch out for stronger armor, you have the option to equip the stronger armor for the stats and another set of armor that will appear on Azel’s sprite — similar to how layered armor works in Monster Hunter World.


Save data from the base game is not compatible with the DLC.

Some events will not trigger and there might be errors or crashes,

make sure you don't load incompatible saves.


Searching for the demon beast that branded her,

the hunter girl, Azel, reaches that place.

The frontline of the battle between humans and monsters.

The remote land which some call the harbor of disasters,



Beautiful illustrations and pixel art.

Hilarious dialog between characters.

Custom-made side view battle system.

Symbol encounters, no random encounters.

Material gathering and crafting.

Text skip and event skip functions.

Two endings.

Equipment Crafting & Dress Up Outfit System

You can create armors and improve weapons

by collecting materials from demon beasts.

All of the armors have illustrations,

movement & battle pixel art,

and there's more than 10 armors you can get.

You can also equip armors in a Costume slot,

so you can wear and see your favorite armor

while having another armor equipped.

You can find Niplheim’s Hunter - Branded Azel on Steam for the discounted price of $13.99. After January 13th, the price will go back to the original price of $19.99. If you want to experience the game before buying it, you can download the demo. There is also free DLC that will add in the sexual content that is missing from the base Steam version.

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