Now supporting one handed controls

Stealth, assassination, and ninja await in Enokippu's RPG Kunoichi Botan, now available on Steam.

Kunoichi Botan is an RPG Maker game developed by Enokippu and published by Kagura Games. You play as Botan, a young kunoichi that, when the village chief calls upon her and her ninja comrades for a meeting, Botan learns that her master hasn’t returned from her mission yet. The village chief believes she failed and was captured. Now, it’s up to Botan to complete her master’s mission. Will this inexperienced kunoichi succeed or meet a painful end? What makes this mission so dangerous that even Botan's master failed it?

This game has classic RPG gameplay, a stealth system, and an assassin system. Sneak your way through enemy territory and use your kunai and ninja skills against those in your way. Complete your mission and rescue your master or submit to a disgraceful defeat.

One day, a kunoichi named Botan, along with her comrades are assembled by the village chief for an emergency meeting.

Their master hadn't returned from her mission. There was a possibility she was captured.

Knowing that she still lacks the skills and experience, Botan must nevertheless take on the mission of rescuing her master but... can she really accomplish such a mission?

A mission that even her master failed?


- Classic RPG Gameplay combined with:

- A Stealth System

- Assassin System

- Difficulty Options

- And No Grinding Required!

If you are interested in Kunoichi Botan, you can buy it on Steam for the discounted price of $12.74. After January 10th, the price will increase to $14.99. The Steam version of the game is censored, but you can download the decensoring patch for free from Kagura Games’ site.

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