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Escape simulation RPG, The Three Charms is now available in English on DLsite.

Developed by Minwa, The Three Charms is an escape simulator where you play as a young monk named Hakunen, who got lost wandering the mountain at night. Helpless and vulnerable, this shota is a delicious meal for yokai who feed off of the vitality of men. Luckily for Hakunen, he has three charms he can use to bind three different body parts of a yokai; tongue, arms, and legs. They are useful, but excessive use of them will decrease his willpower and ability to escape.

This game focuses on escaping and hiding from the yokai. There is a turn-based battle system, but it is used to help the shota monk escape instead of defeating an enemy. You cannot fight the yokai, you can only escape them temporarily. Run and use your three charms to keep them at bay. If you fail, the yokai will drain you of your willpower, vitality, and semen, turning your body into an empty shell for them to play with

An escape simulation RPG based on the fairy tale "The Three Charms"!

Using mystical charms and your feet, try to run away from tempting yokai girls!

You win if you're able to manage your stamina and make it to the end safely!

But if you're careless and end up getting caught...

The weapon of choice for these yokai is seduction!

With sweet words, erotic techniques and their undeniable charm they'll try to

lead you astray. Use the titular charms to counter their advances!

If you are interested in The Three Charms, you can buy it on DLsite for $0.98. There is also a demo of the game that you can download. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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