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The kemonomimi visual novel Tenkiame is now available on the ImagineVR store.

Tenkiame, also known as Sun Shower, was released by Gumi Soft and published by Artlink. During the summer, our protagonist hears that his grandfather has fallen ill. He sets out to his grandparents’ home in the countryside. The illness wasn't anything serious, so he decided to stay with his grandparents. While in the peaceful greenery of the country, he meets a little girl with long, white hair named Shiro and her mischievous older sister, Kon. As it turns out, both of them are fox girls. Thus, he spends the rest of the season making memories and falling in love with the beautiful and captivating sisters, Shiro and Kon.

This adventure visual novel features cute fox girls with ears and tails that move in real-time. Additionally, even though the game is being sold on the ImagineVR store, it doesn't require a VR headset of any kind, as it is just a normal, non-VR title.

This is a regular PC adventure game (non-VR game).

You do not need VR device to play this game.


I have randomly stopped by this rural town.

In this town, I met an innocent little girl named "Shiro".

..and a quiet, yet mischievous older sister, "Kon".

The memories of one summer together with them.


Fox-Ear (Kemo-mimi) Adventure Game


Featuring ears and tails that move in real time, using E-mote, to accent the attractiveness of the Fox-Girls!

A heart-warming story set in the summer countryside!

All characters appearing in Tenkiame are set to be over 18 years of age.

You can purchase Tenkiame on the ImagineVR store for the discounted price of $26.00. After the January 7th, the price will increase to $30.00.

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