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Nutaku has released in-browser farming simulator Booty Farm, taking place in a village primarily filled with young women.

Booty Farm is a newly-released farming simulator. In the game, you take the role of a handsome young lad who inherited a farm. While initially uninterested in dedicating his life to agriculture, the man changes his mind after being told that the village is lacking in attractive men, but is full of luscious women. As such, he decides to try his luck in the farming business.

The game plays like a standard management sim. You make fields for your crops, buy livestock and construct manufacturing buildings for creating produce. The game employs resource chains that will require you to gather integrants and then process them a given number of times to create the desired end product. Each action grants experience, allowing you to level up and unlock new elements. The game’s main goal is to deliver the desired products to local girls; each time you complete the delivery you get to chat with a girl, and hopefully, impress her.

Booty Farm is played through a browser and uses a free-to-play monetization system. You can purchase or acquire gems that can be used to speed up certain processes or expand the production queue in your buildings. Currently, there are no competitive aspects to Booty Farm, making the monetization wholly optional.

Below, you will find the official description and sample screenshots for Booty Farm:

You are a playboy who just inherited his uncle’s farm. The farm is old and rusty and your first thought is to sell it and go back to your urban dating games. But then you meet Mandy, the sexy farmgirl and your new assistant. Mandy tells you that there is a shortage of men in the village and that the girls are very lonely, and it takes very little “persuasion” for you to accept to stay. This can be a great opportunity to earn some cash and meet new interesting girls. It’s time to get your hands dirty, farmboy!

On Booty Farm, things get XXX very fast. Engage in hot scenes across the farm like a boss, without even looking up dating advice.

Booty Farm can be played for free on Nutaku.

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