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AzureZero’s Metroidvania-like action adventure Yuki’s Tale is available on DLsite and Itch.io.

Yuki’s Tale is a spin-off of AzureZero’s erotic RPG Damsel Quest 3. The titular Yuki, a blue-haired kitsune, made a minor appearance in Damsel Quest 3. For those who played the game, we only learned a little bit about her, but Yuki’s Tale provides us with a more detailed story about her.

In this game, Yuki is being punished by her village for wanting to leave and explore the outside world. She is sentenced to being dropped into a dungeon, deep underground. Yuki must use her ice magic and fight for her life and sanity against pervy enemies in order to escape the dungeon. During her journey through this Metroidvania-styled underground, Yuki learns about a dark secret of the village that was hidden away.

"Yuki's Tale" is an erotic adventure game with naughty pixel animations.


Yuki, a blue-haired kitsune, is dropped into the dungeon below her village for

the crime of wanting to leave and explore the world. As she fights her way

though the dungeon, the darker side of her village is laid bare.

This game is a spin-off of the soon to be released damsel quest 3

covering the origin story of one of the minor characters


Yuki gains new powers as she runs and jumps through the dungeon.

try to avoid getting grabbed by enemies as you have to button mash to get free <3.


Simple and fun exploration-based gameplay!

Dark and hardcore story! Unlock new powers through the way!

Sex grapple system

Loads of erotic animations

If you are interested in Yuki’s Tale, you can find it on DLsite for $15.53 or on AzureZero’s Itch.io page for $10.00 or more. There is also a demo available, so you can try out the game before buying it.

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