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Eroge Japan has released Seed of the Dead, a hentai FPS by TeamKRAMA. Pair up with three lewd girls and try to survive murdering hordes of zombies and fucking in your spare time.

Seed of the Dead is a single-player, zombie survival FPS in which you, along with three beauties, find yourselves searching for safety in a zombie-plagued city. The game will task you with clawing through hordes of undead mutants using an assortment of 15 different weapons. To make things a little less dire, your sexy companions have been infected by a virus strain that makes them progressively lewder over time. Taking them aside for a quickie will replenish your health and provide them with beneficial boosts, so feel free to screw the danger when there’s love to be made. The game’s story progresses in-between missions through visual novel-like cutscenes.

The game was developed by TeamKRAMA, a Japanese indie studio funded through Patreon. Their self-appointed goal is to take known game concepts and integrate pornographic content into these tested designs. You can read their official description for Seed of the Dead and check out some sample screenshots below:


A heart-pumping fusion of zombie FPS and erotic dating sim!

A sudden pandemic has turned the world into a zombie-infested hellscape.

Seek safety with three attractive heroines!


Hikari Kondo

A cheerful girl who is kind to everyone.

She was once a star track-and-field athlete, known for being an outstanding runner.

Even in difficult situations, she never forgets to encourage others!

Aya Kagano

The party's calm leader, who was once studying medicine.

She always analyzes situations before she acts, and her instincts rarely seem to be wrong.

Kirara Suzune

The daughter of a giant corporation's CEO.

While polite, she becomes trigger-happy in battle! There's nothing she loves more than her giant gun.

Hikari always takes care of her, almost like she's the party's mascot.


Satisfy your itchy trigger finger!!

Destroy zombies with a wide-variety of weapons!

You can recover your HP by having sex with the heroines.

Date the girls as the story unfolds, and see if you can satisfy everyone's needs!


Three distinct, attractive heroines.

Three selectable difficulties.

Guns, hammers, and... a laser sword!? 15 powerful weapons in total!

8 stages, including a hospital, a cave, and a ruined city.

Various clear bonuses to keep you coming back for more.

You can now purchase Seed of the Dead on Steam for $10.49 at 30% off. The title will cost $14.99 once the promotion ends.

The game is also available on DLsite where it is available for 50% off until February 4th, costing an estimated $9.12. After the promotion, it will cost about $18.25.

Note that the game contains mosaic censoring due to Japanese law. There once was an uncensor patch, but has unfortunately since been removed. Currently, the developer provides no means to remove the mosaic censoring.

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