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The erotic dating sim, mixed with some gambling, Queen’s Coast Casino is on Nutaku.

Developed by Witching Hour Entertainment, Queen’s Coast Casino is a casual dating sim, where you can play some typical games of chance that you’d see at casinos. Gamble with your fictional money and earn enough to unlock CGs at the shop or have some private time with the sexy ladies of the casino. If you’re not in the mood for games, hangout at the bar or the pool to relax.

Donning an authentic Vegas style, Queen’s Coast Casino is dedicated to your pleasure and lets you customize the busty casino girl’s outfits however you like. With two hundred CGs to unlock and voluptuous babes, lined up to ride your dick for the right price, it would take some time to experience everything the game has to offer.

About Queen's Coast Casino

Queen's Coast Casino is an unrestricted vacation on the best resort the world has ever known. Frolic with several different ladies, engaging in hot and sexy encounters while growing your bank account. Unlock dozens of sexy photos of the hostesses in different outfits to fill up your gallery with fappable images. Gamble away your hard earnings on games of luck or spend them on experiences with raunchy ladies, blowing your massive load as you see fit.

Enjoy a few games of chance, or relax in other activities like drinking at the bar or bathing at the pool. Your goal is to unlock all 200 CG images in this fantastic summer getaway, before your wad is spent.

Met the Erotic Goddess Sandy, College Girl Phoenix, Mia the Model and many more in this fantastical adult adventure.

Key Features

•200 Unlockable CG Images

•4 games of luck and 5 other activities

•3 Sexy Hostesses and many other voluptuous women to interact with

•Unlock multiple outfits for your shopkeeper


•Windows, Mac

If you're interested, Queen’s Coast Casino can be purchased from Nutaku for $13.99.

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