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Ultramanbo's side-scrolling beat ‘em up, Soul of Phantasm, is available on DLsite.

Developed by Ultramanbo, Soul of Phantasm is a beat ‘em up where you play as Akari, a bionoid on a mission to fight monsters called “Unkown.”

Make your way through the town and laboratories to find equipment. Improve your skills to take on stronger Unknown. The skills you obtain over time will have other uses besides taking down your enemies, and can even get rid of obstacles that can get in your way.

If you are downed while around monsters, they will proceed to rape you in different ways. There are different species of monsters that are capable of multiple H-scenes. There are over 70 sex scenes to see and you have some control over what happens. You can adjust the camera to zoom in on the scene, the speed of the scene, and the Unknown’s ejaculation.

A beat 'em up side-scroller where you control bionoid Akari to explore around

towns and research centers and fight mysterious creatures called "Unknown"!!

* Proceed and fully utilize jumping, attacks, charge attacks, ultimate skills etc.

When the heroine is attacked, her clothes get stripped off and collisions with

enemies while lying on the ground make a variety of erotic scenes happen.

* Various monsters such as humans under control, mysterious creatures,

droids and huge creatures assault female characters!

* Featuring over 70 sex scenes. Each monster has its own scene.

Scenes include blowjob, double penetration, triple penetration,

egg laying, tentacle, penetration with an extremely thick thing,

vore, breast domination etc etc. When the orgasm gauge reaches

MAX, the scene moves into its "finish" scene.

"Gangbang mode" showing multiple enemies' assault is implemented.

* Voice acting, sound effects, and BGM are included. You have a continue option.

H scenes can be viewed freely in gallery mode. Zoom-in version of H scenes included.

* A side story is planned to be added in updates so that you can control a sub character.


- The bonus contents are now all pre-unlocked

- New H scenes have been added

- Two bad ending scenes have been added

- Minor defects fixed

If you are interested in Soul of Phantasm, you can purchase it on DLsite for $17.14. There is demo available as well, but keep in mind that this game requires user authorization, so find out if your computer meets all the qualifications. Any antivirus programs you have may classify the game and demo as malware. Also, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and that your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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