...the fuck?

Vittori Giorgi’s (SbargiSoft) tribute to 90’s Japanese games, Oppaidius Summer Trouble!, is now on Steam.

Developed by Vittori Giorgi (SbargiSoft), Oppaidius Summer Trouble! is an retro style visual novel meant to resemble the video games of the 90’s. It started as a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded within a week of launching. With colorful pixel art backgrounds similar to those of retro consoles and music, orchestrated using FM-synth chip, this game intends on taking you to a different era.

You play as Jimmy, a guy who has shut himself away in his room during the summer playing video games. A knock at the door comes and you are then confronted by Serafina, a chick with massive tits. This babe could be the key to re-entering the real world and increasing his desire for boobs.


The developers describe the content like this:

Several female nudity scenes.

Several sexual themes in text format.


A love letter to '90s japanese videogames.

Another summer closed in your room playing games... not this time...?

An incredibile girl rings at your door, changing your summer forever, or maybe your entire life!

This will be just the beginning of a trip in the depths of his obsession for breasts, in a journey to return to the outside world and to emotions, kept dormant for maybe too long.

- Pixel art backgrounds with native resolutions and palette from retro-consoles

- Original music done with FM-synth chip (Yamaha YM2151) by Luca Della Regina (Xydonia)

- FOUR guest japanese videogame musicians, including Norihiko Hibino of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta fame

- More than 150 hand-drawn animation frames

- An "HOT" ultra-secret ending to unlock!

You can buy Oppaidius Summer Trouble! on Steam for $6.99. There is also a demo available, so try it out for yourself before buying if you're not sure.

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