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The doctor is in and here to improve your sex life. Dr. Yuuko’s Sex Practice has arrived to Nutaku.

Eat My Popsicle Studios presents their first title released through Nutaku Publishing, Dr. Yuuko’s Sex Practice.

You play as an intern, training to be a surgeon, under the world renowned sex enhancement surgeon, Dr. Yuuko. Along with an older intern, the energetic and bubbly Satsuki, you will be learning a thing or two and getting hands-on-experience from Dr. Yuuko and her sex enhancements.

Featuring artwork by Dr. Zexxck, Yuuko’s Sex Practice is a visual novel with eleven uncensored sex scenes, three endings, and an original soundtrack that you can get invested in.

About Dr Yuuko's Sex Practice

Dr. Yuuko is the best sex enhancement surgeon in the world, and you are her intern. In this clinic, you’re training to become a surgeon like her, and soon discover that being under her wing has more perks than you expected. Together with your intern senpai Satsuki, a cute and energetic girl who’s always smiling, the three of you will have lots of sexy fun enjoying your newest sex enhancements.

Enjoy this hentai game featuring art from the internationally acclaimed lewd artist Dr. Zexxck, get to know these lively characters, and feast your eyes with over 11 completely uncensored sex scenes. Our visual novel format lets you decide how to interact with the characters and choose the details of your actions and words, even during the foreplay! Make the right decisions and you’ll unlock the threesome ending!

Key Features

●11 uncensored sex scenes and 5 variations

●Can unlock threesome ending

●All-original soundtrack with 5 tracks

●Multiple instances of choices, before and during lewd scenes

●Visual Novel Style Interactions

●Featuring art by the world renowned Dr. Zexxck

●Windows, Mac, and Linux

●60 tracks of voice effects for a varied library of sexy sounds

●Complete gallery of sex scenes at the end

You can buy Dr. Yuuko’s Sex Practice on Nutaku for $4.99

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