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Boobs Dev’s early access action game, Boobs Saga, is available on Steam.

Developed by Boobs Dev, Boobs Saga is an erotic and satirical 3D action game with a customizable protagonist. To put it simply, you play as a curvaceous girl who is trapped in a castle and will be used as a sacrifice to the King of the Boobs. Make it through monsters, traps, and puzzles to save your ass.

Your heroine is fully customizable. You can choose her clothes, hairstyle, eye color, race, boob size, ass size, and much more. You can even make her a furry, if you so wish.

Play stealthily by hiding from or sneaking passed enemies, or go on the offensive by attacking them with a bizarre assortment of weapons, such as the gatling boobs, strap-on plasma gun, and other ridiculously suggestive weaponry.


The developers describe the content like this:

Attention! This game contains sexual content, violence, swearing, black humour, gore, furry and futanari, many fetishes and unconventional sex scenes that can shock and/or suprise.


Imagine that you're a young woman with some tasty curves; and it can only mean one thing - you're a perfect sacrifice to the King of the boobs! Avoid traps, fight monsters or hide from them, solve puzzles, dance. And remember: the main goal is to save your BOOBS!

Boobs Saga - is a satirical 3D action.

Key features:

- Unique weapons (gatling boobs, strapon-plasma gun and more);

- Ultraviolence;

- Customizable character;

- Amazing puzzles;

- Realistic women breasts and ass physics;

- Truly special atmosphere;

- Dangerous traps;

- Girls in swimsuits, blood, screams and many more...

You can purchase Boobs Saga as an early access title on Steam for the discounted price of $2.39. After December 14th, the price will return to its original price of $2.99.

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