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Lunasoft’s RPG The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- is available on Steam.

The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- was developed by Lunasoft and published by MangaGamer. Five hundred years ago, a hero called “Spirit Master of Retarnia” came forward to stop an invasion of demons into Retarnia. With the help of five spirits, he battled the demons and sealed the portals that connected this world to the Demon World. Peace was restored, but it was only temporary.

Now, the portals to the Demon World are reappearing and monsters have returned to invade the Kingdom of Retarnia. With chaos running rampant through the kingdom, Queen Sylvia calls upon the descendant of the Spirit Master Leonard to traverse the Demon World with the five spirits and restore Retarnia to its once peaceful state.

The game is styled after traditional traditional dungeon crawlers. Explore the 3D dungeon, fill out your map, and find powerful items to equip your heroines with. Defeat monsters in battle or lose and watch as your heroines get rapped by them. Level up and customize your team to fit your playstyle. You can also improve their skills via the skill tree and gain their affection, depending on how you respond to different situations that is.

A Classic 3D Dungeon RPG featuring cute girls, skill trees, and vast loot items to explore!


- Traverse numerous dungeons and battle monsters!

- Loot tons of gear, including epic Artifacts, from the dungeons to power up your heroines!

- Your party members will suffer if you lose in battle!

- Brace for battle by stocking up on potions and goods!

- Level up and customize your team to your playstyle!

- Face off against fearsome monsters to restore peace to Retarnia!


Our story begins in the Kingdom of Retania, a country that has been at peace for five hundred years. However, portals to the Demon World have suddenly opened up, and the vile monsters which lie beyond it are determined to invade and take over the kingdom.

Five hundred years earlier, a certain hero known as the "Spirit Master of Retarnia" averted a similar crisis and led five spirits- The White Spirit Norn, the Red Spirit Vesta, the Blue Spirit Rusalka, the Green Spirit Melissa, and the Black Spirit Iris- to battle against the demons and seal the portals to their world.

At the request of Queen Sylvia, Leonard, a descendant of the Spirit Master, stepped forth across the portal into the Demon World to save the kingdom...

You can buy The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- on Steam for the discounted price of $11.24. After December 13th, the price will go back up to $14.99.

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