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Indie developer Biggus Dickus Games is creating an adult game taking place in Ancient Rome, titled Slaves of Rome.

Slaves of Rome is an RPG training simulation with an open 3D world to explore. You play as a Roman merchant involved in the slave trade. You come from a wealthy family, best known for their slaves, but because of the war, money ran out. Now that it’s over, the goddess of victory has smiled upon the empire and blessed the Romans with a large amount of slaves. With your knowledge and experience in training the most stubborn of slave women, it’s time to put your abilities to good use and make bank.

Slaves of Rome has an emphasis on BDSM and gives you the option to play as either a man, woman, or futanari. Each slave is unique with their own personality, story, and a skill tree that is shaped by your training sessions. Training sessions feature scenes where you sexually educate and train your slaves so that they know their place. You also have the option to send your slaves out on missions to earn gold or trade them with other players online.

- "Real time" game-play (it's an actual open world 3rd person game.. not pictures with text)

- Cutting Edge 3D graphics and adult-scenes made with Unreal Engine

- Choose to play as male or female

- Buy slaves and educate them, which means amazing education adult scenes

- Each slave has a unique set of abilities and a unique skill tree

- Online auction house for slave trading with other players

- Each slave has a unique back story and dialogue

- NEW: Futa (optional) content!

- NEW: Transformation (TFG) content!

If you are interested in Slaves of Rome and want to support Biggus Dickus Games, head on over to their Patreon and check out the different reward tiers.

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