...the fuck?

Above a Damage Tile’s first game, Ayura Crisis!, has received an English translation.

Created by Above a Damage Tile, Ayura Crisis! is an action RPG. You control a young-looking, red-haired fighter as she explores dangerous locations filled with monsters, traps, and featuring bosses. The game’s focus is put on a one-button combat system built around resource management.

You can pull off flashy combos by mashing Z, which builds up your MP. You can then burn your MP by entering overdrive, which increases your damage and changes your basic combo. Exiting the overdrive mode early will consume unused MP to replenish your health, making you choose between DPS and sustainability.

As you fall victim to grab attacks and aphrodisiac traps, the protagonist will accumulate arousal and change her patterns of speech and behavior. Practicing various acts will unlock new kinks for corrupting her personality, all allowing to max out pleasure. The game features most of its H-scenes as game over screens.

You can read the developer's comment on the game and see sample screenshots of Ayura Crisis! below:

"With erotic status ailments / parameters and sensual erotic scenes that you can literally feel through the tips of your fingers, a high level of immersiveness is the defining characteristic of this action game!

If the protagonist succumbs to her foes, she will be corrupted by various sexual fetishes. With combat reflexes you can fight your way through the perverted armada but... make a mistake and their lewd lunges will entrap her in a turbulent torrent of titillation.

Will you break free from their grasp? Fighting for your freedom with the exhilarating and authentic combat system? ...Or give in to your inner desire and relish in the realistic Eros unfolding before your eyes?"

You can purchase Ayura Crisis! on DLsite for about $11.49 estimated from ¥1,296.

A demo version of the game is available on the store page. It features two of the game’s levels and allows for save transfer would you choose to purchase a full version afterwards.

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