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Following the success of their Kickstarter, developer D-ket has released a playable demo for their boys' love visual novel, Sakura Tempest.

Sakura Tempest, which we previously took a look at, now has a playable demo. It covers Shōtarō's, the protagonist, first day of high school and the antics which set in place his inevitable run-ins with possible love interests. All the main characters are showcased sans the male nurse, Mr. Nakamura.

In the demo, Shōtarō is biking to school and accidentally hits one of the students which happens to be the delinquent, Yūya Yanagi. Due to the commotion, Noah Aizawa head of the student council steps in to break up the altercation. From there, Shōtarō has to decide which school club to end up joining where he meets both and old and new friend.

The demo is relatively short and worth a look at if you are interested in the game. While there is no yaoi content in this build, the developers do promise that the full release of the game will have adult content. There are further plans to release an expanded demo in the near future.

Though the game has missed its release date, the developers are continuing to update their Kickstarter page and put out content for backers. Their plan is to send out all the backer merchandise prior to releasing the game. They also have a Twitter account that they use to showcase the updates to the game including dakimura and sketch art. That profile is available here.

The demo for Sakura Tempest is available for download on both their Kickstarter page and itch.io.

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