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A Kickstarter campaign for the English localization of A Day in the Life of Maria, a spin-off of the otome game The Bell Chimes for Gold, has opened.

A Day in the Life of Maria is a spin-off of Otusun Club’s otome game for fans of middle-aged men, The Bell Chimes for Gold. In The Bell Chimes for Gold, you play as Maria Scissorland, a skilled herbalist who gets dumped by her mentor for his childhood friend. After her mentor left, he tells Maria, “With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.” Maria takes these words to heart and decides to earn enough money to marry someone.

The spin-off game is just what the title says, it depicts a day in the life of Maria. You follow Maria’s life and her encounters with adventure and romance. There’s more story and scenes with your favorite grown men to enjoy.

"A Day in the Life of Maria" is a spinoff of the otome visual novel "The Bell Chimes For Gold", which has been published in English by Sekai Project.

The story takes players through one day in the life of Maria Scissorland - a day filled with both adventure and romance.

There's plenty to see and do even in just one day!

We'd love to bring more of the Bell Chimes experience in English to both existing players and new fans!

Otusun Club is asking for ¥100,000 (roughly $880 USD) and if the Kickstarter succeeds and reaches its stretch goal of ¥500,000 (roughly $4,400 USD), they will localize a second spin-off, titled MariAlbum.

The rewards, depending on how much money you pledge, includes a digital download of A Day in the Life of Maria, digital artbook, set of ten unreleased pieces of artwork, table top calendar, wall calendar, tote bag, and dakimakura pillow covers.

The passage below lists how the funds will be used and how long it will take to localize and release the game.

#Funding Distribution

70% Translation

15% Fees

15% Physical rewards and shipping

#Production Schedule

2019/1 Translation Complete

2019/3 Development Complete

2019/5 Debugging/QA Complete

2019/6 Game Release!

The campaign ends on December 31st. If you want to help A Day in the Life of Maria get translated into English or learn more about the campaign, check out the game’s Kickstarter page.

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