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Kagura Games has published TechnoBreak's new RPG, Leviathan ~A Survival RPG~, on Steam, MangaGamer, and JAST USA.

In Leviathan ~A Survival RPG~, wrongfully punished by crimes she didn’t commit, the dark elf Chocolat finds herself exiled to the prison island of Melviray. What awaits her is a desperate fight for survival and a grueling quest to find her way back home from a place overrun by criminals and monsters. To make the task even more daunting, the island inhabitants are kept from escaping by a fearsome dragon called Leviathan.

The game is a survival RPG created in which players take control over Chocolat. The game features a robust crafting interface and requires the player to keep their hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation and cleanness in check while they try to solve the island’s challenges. Leviathan ~A Survival RPG~ sports standard turn-based RPG combat and features an equipment system that affects visuals.

You can read the official description and take a peek sample screenshots below:


An elf, Chocolat, has become shipwrecked on an island full of criminals and monsters. If that wasn't dangerous enough, a dragon called the Leviathan prevents anyone from being able to escape. In order to escape the island, Chocolat must find a way to defeat the Leviathan. Using everything she finds on the island at her disposal, will she be able to escape?



- Easier and Harder difficulties for those who want to just enjoy the story or are looking for a challenge.

- Survival System

- Cosmetic System

- Day and Night System

- Crafting System

Leviathan ~A Survival RPG~ has been released with a 15% off launch discount, which will last until the 6th of December. You can purchase the game on Steam for $8.49, where it will cost $9.99 later. The game is also available on MangaGamer for $8.45, where it will cost $9.95 later, and finally, you can buy it on JAST USA for $8.49, where it will cost $9.99 later.

The Steam version of the game is censored and will require an adult patch to view the lewd events. It is available for download on Kagura Games’ website.

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