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The English version of the 2D adventure NOCE is available on DLsite and Steam.

NOCE is a side-scrolling adventure game developed by N=S. It takes place in a galaxy where the Republic of Naba and the Imperial Nation of Dagoo, after fighting in two massive wars against each other, is said to have settled their differences and have a peaceful relationship. This “peace” is only a facade for the distrust the two nations feel towards each other. The Naba government sends out Diva, a spy group of women whose experience in sexual services aid them in their espionage missions, to Dagoo for the sake of peace.

You play as Noce, a Diva agent who was sent to the planet “Col Earth.” Her adventure begins when she is contacted by her old friend, Lynn.

Complete stages by maneuvering Noce around various obstacles and taking out enemies with her energy sword. At the end of each stage, you will be rewarded with a cloud weapon, each with their own ability to help you through the game. Level Noce up at the shop to improve her skills and defeat the bosses at the end of each stage to move on to the next planet.

In a far-distant galaxy.

Two of the biggest forces, the Republic of Naba and the Imperial Nation of Dagoo,

have long been in a cold war state after two large-scale wars.

For the sake of the peace, the government of Naba sends out a spy group

named Diva, to Dagoo. The peace, despite the fact that only the surface

of the two nations' relationship can only be said peaceful, has been kept by Diva.

Diva consists of specially trained women. Their achievements in espionage activities,

physical combats and assassinations are largely attributed to techniques in sexual services.

When one of Diva agents "Noce" who is on a mission on the planet "Col Earth"

receives a contact from her old friend Lynn, this story begins.


Smooth Animations created with pixel artworks and AE!

An authentic action game with stage clear & a bit of exploration taste!

Voiced by Narumi Aisaka and Rio Fujimura!

This story of a great adventure is spun with pixel artworks, CG and female characters' voices.

Once caught by an enemy, an H animation begins and the "force gauge" recovers by

making the enemy orgasm. But it also decreases health so be careful!

Urban city with skyscrapers, Ancient city beneath the surface of a snowball planet,

two agents' battle on a baking rocky planet, monstrous insects on a green planet, and...

It took about six years to make this game!

Please enjoy!!

* Please prepare a USB controller to play this game

You can buy NOCE on DLsite for $14.27 and Steam for the discounted price of $16.19. After December 3rd, the price for the Steam version will increase to $17.99. The Steam version is for all ages, but you can download the R18 patch for free from the DLsite Patch Plaza. Also, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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