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3D Animation I Pass a Baton to Rena-senpai Released in English on DLsite

An English version of the animation I Pass a Baton to Rena-senpai is available on DLsite.

Produced by Amelialtie, I Pass a Baton to Rena-senpai is an first-person 3D animation. The scenario is that you are helping your senpai, Rena, with her training routine for track & field club. The two of you are alone together and just watching her train, with her unaware of the dirty thoughts in your head, increases your lustful desires until they cannot be contained. Rena is shy about it at first, but soon gets into it.

This animation lasts for 40 minutes and has a bonus where you can play the video in a dual screen format. This lets you watch Rena at the tournament and being fucked at the same time.

I am a second-year university student in the track & field club.

I day I ended up helping Rena-senpai (my adoration) with her training routine.

Just me and her... no-one else in the room...

Look at her training away. So defenseless, so unaware of of my gaze.

Just watching her in uniform gets me hot with an uncontrollable sense of lust...

Rena-senpai is bewildered by my sexual mischief. But as it carries on,

her gentle reprimands give way to a proactive horny woman...

And before I know it... we are in the mood for some flirty dirty fun??

Ready to virtually experience this steamy situation in POV animation?

* Situations:

- blindfold and armpitjob ~ finish

- blindfold and thighjob ~ finish

- Rena-senpai's moralizing

- breast groping (clothed, sporty bra, direct)

- titf*ck ~ finish

- handjob ~ finish

- fellatio ~ finish

- missionary & doggy style sex ~ finish

- cowgirl & missionary sex ~ finish

40 minutes of movies + Bonus (4x 2-screen videos re-edited)

You can buy I Pass a Baton to Rena-senpai on DLsite for $16.17. There is also a "demo" of the animation that you can download before buying.

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