Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

MangaGamer is offering an assortment of box game releases on sale and has made Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ Kickstarter goods available for purchase.

Black Friday is the one day to get unsold products off the shelves for a lower price, and Mangagamer has decided to hold their own sale for a whole week. Starting today, up until the first of December, all hard copies of MangaGamer games are 25% off.

The collection on sale amounts to 36 games, as well as several extra products, such as OSTs, wall scrolls, and manga. Additionally, some products are available in bundles as well.

Several of these games on offer have been previously reviewed by our staff. You can read about their experiences in the links below:

Armored Warrior Iris

Beat Blades Haruka - 8/10

Boob Wars: Big Breasts VS Flat Chests - 5/10

Deardrops - 8/10

Demon Master Chris - 5/10

Free Friends - 5/10

Free Friends 2 - 5/10

Funbag Fantasy -8/10

HuniePop - 7/10

Imouto Paradise - 8/10

Rance 5D - 7/10

Rance VI - 9/10

Valkyrie Svia - 5/10

You can check out the sale over on MangaGamer’s blog. They have also announced plans to put digital products on sale on Monday. We will keep you informed when it happens.

In addition to the sale, MangaGamer has made items from Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ Kickstarter bundles available for direct purchase. The game is MangaGamer’s anniversary project: a visual novel about fairies inspired by the native Ainu culture coming into the human world to find love. The project has reached $37,093 in funding on Kickstarter, out of its $30,000 initial goal.

The items include dakimakura, a coat, a shikishi, a clearfile, a hard fan, a couple of keychains and t-shirts, a wall scroll, a bedsheet, and perhaps most importantly, a hardcopy version of the game itself. If you find any of these items to your liking, keep in mind that they’re available in limited quantity. You can check out the offer in greater detail on MangaGamer's blog post.

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