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Hiqosoft’s light-hearted visual novel Sakura Sakura is now on Steam.

Even though developer Hiqosoft filed for bankruptcy, Sakura Sakura still made it to the West in English via Sol Press. Sakura Sakura is an eroge visual novel where you follow the love life of two different protagonists.

One character you play as is Tohru Inaba. Wanting to live the co-ed life, Tohru transfers to Rintoku Academy. Soon after, he falls in love with two different women named Sakura. There’s Nanako Sakura, a strict teacher at school who is extremely motherly at home, and Sakura Kirishima, the cold and unfriendly class representative who is always willing to offer a helping hand. The three of them together make the light-hearted love triangle in Sakura Sakura.

The other protagonist is Naoki Fuse, Tohru’s self-proclaimed best friend. He enjoys teasing Tohru about his situation with the two Sakuras, but little does he know, Naoki is in a love triangle too. This one is made up of Akira Nitta, Naoki’s childhood friend, and Kurumi Tachibana, Naoki’s MMO raiding partner that he hasn't met in person until now. Naoki is thrown into the same predicament Tohru is, as two of his friends battle for his affection.

Sakura Sakura is a romantic comedy about two overbearing Sakuras and their light-hearted love triangle. Follow the story of Tohru Inaba as he attempts to navigate the complicated see-saw of love.

- Step into the shoes of two different protagonists each with their own love triangles.

- A romantic visual novel featuring a Japanese voice cast.

- Relive touching and hilarious CG scenes with the CG Gallery feature.

- Listen to your favorite tunes from the game in the Music Gallery.

Some additional tips:

Akira's birthday is November 23rd!

Moe isn't the most popular girl in school.

Nanako has no experience with love.

Sakura and Tohru don't get off to the most positive of starts.

You can purchase Sakura Sakura on Steam for $34.99. There is also an 18+ patch available as DLC that you can download for free.

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