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Imolicious Refused Publishing on Multiple Stores

Imolicious, an incestious visual novel by Yume Creations, was refused publishing for various reasons on Steam, MiKandi, and temporarily, Nutaku.

Produced by Yume Creations, Imolicious is an upcoming visual novel about a brother and sister engaging in a romance over the course of six weeks during summer.

The team originally planned to release the game on Steam, however it has been met with refusal. Steam identified themes of children exploitation within the game without pinpointing any specific examples of such content. This decision happened in the wake of Steam removing Maomao Discovery Team from its offerings as well.

Initially, Yume Creations attempted to appeal the judgment, but as of writing they haven’t received any responses. The team claims that they did not intend to portray child pornography and have included direct claims of the in-game characters being 18 or older in the game’s description. Additionally, Imolicious was to be released on Steam as an all-ages product, with the hentai content to be added through an optional DLC.


Yume Creations then reached out to other storefronts, including MiKandi and Nutaku, who also refused to feature the product. The MiKandi store declared that incestuous content is strictly forbidden by their billing partners and hence cannot be featured in their offer.



The refusal from Nutaku was only temporary. Their initial issues were with the novel's sole focus on incest, the main character’s unclear state of mental health, and the game’s grim ending. However, upon further discussion Nutaku demanded only a removal or change of one scene, in which one of the characters can’t buy alcohol due to their age, and a small change in terminology, as to swap the term “school” with “college.” These proposals appear to refer more to the character’s perceived age rather than the nature of their romance.

During this time Yume Creations also reached out to Jast, who agreed to sell Imolicious without requiring any changes.


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