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Parade's yaoi visual novel NO, THANK YOU!!! is now available on Steam.

NO, THANK YOU!!! is a BL visual novel developed by parade and published by MangaGamer. You play as an guy who saved a man from being hit by a car during summer vacation. Unfortunately, his heroic action lead to him getting hit instead and losing his memories. As thanks, the man he saved gives him a job as an apprentice bartender at his bar, sótano. After meeting the staff of attractive men, our amnesiac is given the name, Haru. While on the outside, sótano appears to be a cozy jazz bar, it also serves as a cover for an organization that takes on cases that are too much for police and detectives to handle. As Haru works there and delves deep into the organization, will he find out his true identity?

In this BL adventure, the main game mechanic is destroying flags with the NTY!!! button, or the No, Thank You!!! button. This button is similar to being given choices in a visual novel, but in this case, you don’t know what choice you are making or what will change by destroying the flag. It is an unknown question with an unknown outcome. You can either let the scene continue as is or press the button. Whether it is right or wrong to destroy the flag varies depending on the situation.

A brand-new, intuition-based, flag-destroying adventure!!

Main Features

- A dramatic BL visual novel revolving around a man who lost his memory and a secret organization.

- Over 2000 Event CGs drawn by Shigeo Hamashima

- Fully Uncensored details

- Solid 30-40 hour gameplay time

Flag-Destorying Adventure

The titular game mechanic of NTY!!! revolves around destroying "flags" by way of the No, Thank You!!! button. "Flags" are a basic component of many visual novels. They function as a sort of prerequisite or turning point for a story branch. In NTY!!! whenever one of these "flags" is triggered, the No, Thank You!!! Button will appear in the upper left-hand corner.

Essentially, the NTY!!! button is comparable to a two-option choice in function: you either click it and destroy the "flag" or ignore it and let it stand. The main difference is that you don't know what the options are exactly or what the question is (for that, you have to pay attention to the scene and figure out what you're being asked). The button will remain on-screen for several lines. You can click it as long as it is on screen, the precise timing has no effect. If you decide not to destroy the flag (and to not click the NTY!!! button), simply ignore it and continue reading. Sometimes not clicking it is the correct option.

You can purchase NO, THANK YOU!!! on Steam for the sale price of $27.99. After November 22nd, the price will return to $39.99.

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