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MangaGamer has opened pre-orders for the winner of the 2015 Moege Award, If You Love Me, Then Say So!

If You Love Me, Then Say So! was developed by Chuablesoft and was the 2015 winner of the Moege Award for its game design.

This visual novel follows Souta, a high school boy living his ordinary life until a rare encounter with QP, a fairy born from an apple, flips it on upside down. Now, his relationships are changing around him. He is meeting new girls and having new experiences with his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend. With so much happening around him, Souta will confess his love to the girl of his dreams. The biggest question is when and how? That is for you to decide.

If You Love Me, Then Say So! has an event system that allows you to decide how you spend your time and when you should confess your love. You can confess early, or wait until the time is right. There are many different branching options depending on how and when you do your confession.


Ayame Himekami

A fifth year at Harekita Academy, she’s classmates with Souta, as well as a fellow member of the gardening club. Equally kind to everyone she meets, Ayame gives off a warm and inviting aura.

She’s had frequent problems with _ and spent much of her life in _, so she’s abnormally ignorant about certain topics. Also a big fan of fast food.

Birthday: 9/25

Height: 156cm

Measurements: 80 (C Cup)/55/84

Hobbies: Video Games

Favorite Food: Fast Food/Apple Pie

Yuki Goshogawara

A fifth year at Harekita Academy, she’s a childhood friend of Souta, as well as his classmate, and a fellow part timer at a cafe called Naturale. Yuki is open to talking about anything in the same way a guy friend would be, but her relentless sex talk isn’t to be taken lightly. When she was young, Yuki , but Souta , so she keeps it a secret.

Birthday: 7/7

Height: 161cm

Measurements: 88 (E Cup)/58/91

Skills: Food Service

Favorite Food: Anything edible

Mahiru Komachi

A first year at Harekita Academy, she’s a member of the same gardening club as Souta, a frequent customer at the cafe where he works, and also his ex-girlfriend. Ever since her debut at the age of 6, she’s been a popular actress. Her acting skills are top rate, and she’s an expert on coming off adorable.

Mahiru hates Souta. But actually, she _. She , , and _ Souta, but continues to hang around him. Physically mature, but still young at heart.

Birthday: 10/10

Height: 140cm (According to her)

Measurements: 68 (AA Cup)/53/74

Skills: Acting

Favorite Food: Hamburg/Omelette Rice

Chiho Yataka

A fourth year at Harekita Academy, she’s always lively, but seems to have amnesia. For some reason, Souta is the only thing she remembers... supposedly, but Souta doesn’t remember her.

Which would make sense, because __.

Chiho shows up much more often outside of school than in it. Apparently, she’s out on a search for her memories.

Birthday: 3/2

Height: 149cm

Measurements: 89 (F Cup)/55/80

Hobbies: Collecting Accessories

Favorite Food: Pizza


The main vocalist in Court Noble, an extremely popular idol group, her singing voice has been likened to that of an angel. The group is based on the premise of idols outside human reach, so everything about her personal life is shrouded in mystery.

In reality, she _. Still, she wouldn’t live a normal school life and _... Or so you’d think.

Birthday: 6/13

Height: 167cm

Measurements: 85 (D Cup)/57/86

Skills: Composing Songs

Favorite Food: Vegetables

If You Love Me, Then Say So! is scheduled to release on December 13th, 2018. You can pre-order it on MangaGamer for the reduced price of $38.20. Once the game is released, the price will go back up to $44.95.

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