Even the furries get love here!

The Tower of Five Hearts. a yuri visual novel featuring kemonomimi girls, is now on Steam.

Developed by TsukiWare and published by MangaGamer, The Tower of Five Hearts takes place in a land where five continents are situated side-by-side, connecting in the middle where the Tower of Five Hearts resides. The Royal Family is responsible for keeping the peace between all five continents. This is accomplished by having their prince marry a chosen girl from one of the continents. For the girls though, this is a competition. While they are working as maids for the royal family, each girl is trying to get the prince to fall in love with her. What makes this time different from the others is that, instead of a prince, the girls will need to win the heart of a princess.


There are five continents of roughly-equal size, side-by-side, and all of them meet to an approximate point in the middle. At this meeting of borders, there is a tower: The Tower of Five Hearts.

One Royal Family is in charge of upholding the peace for every continent, by marrying off their child to a prospective girl from one of the continents.

It’s more of a contest-five girls trying to be Maids, in the hope that their master (the Prince) will fall in love with them...

However this time, it’s a Princess.


- A cute and adorable yuri visual novel featuring kemonomimi (animal ears)!

- Play the role of a princess to find the girl meant for you!

- Over 10 Hscenes to explore!

- Multi-platform Support! (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

- Maids!


Any future content for the game will be free dlc.

You can buy The Tower of Five Hearts on Steam for the discounted price of $11.24. After November 21st, the price will go back up to $14.99.

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