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In the newest, rebooted edition of our Lewd Spotlight series, LewdGamer sits down for a talk with artist Crescentia, whose art boasts plenty of beautiful vixens and equally attractive hunks.

Crescentia is a member of the Projekt Wolfenstahl group of creators known for their Deathblight webcomic series, as well as several multigenre eroge releases such as Last Demon Hunter, Deathblight RPG, and the newly-released Dark Alley Elf.

Crescentia's artwork predominately focuses on beautiful girls with animal features, presented in a style that mixes both Eastern influences with Western eroticism. The standout elements of her style are readily visible at first glance, with bright and colorful tones that contrast well with her detailed use of shading.

LewdGamer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Crescentia: Hoi, I'm Crescentia, artist of Projekt Wolfenstahl and I draw a lot of lewds, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be having this interview I suppose, haha. ^^

I like sweets, beef and Fire Emblem.

Also, I would somewhat consider myself as a fujoshi that ended up drawing hentai for a living. Not that I mind though, I do like hentai just as much as yaoi. ^w^

English isn't my native language so my apologies in advance for any weird grammar or spelling mistakes.

LewdGamer: How and when did you start drawing?

Crescentia: It's actually quite an unspectacular story.

I started to like drawing when I was a kid and I was drawing a lot of things. In elementary school, I mostly drew dragons, unicorns, pegasi, and cats. Sometimes people too, like a "sexy," almost naked jungle lady, Marilyn Monroe, and I also tried drawing Xena, too. (Yeah I liked her xD Found her very cool)

Also over the years, I grew a small collection of bloody pictures featuring various predator animals (mostly lions and dinosaurs) eating their prey and stuff, since I was watching a lot of documentaries when there wasn't an anime or cartoon on TV that I liked.

LewdGamer: How long have you been drawing lewd artwork and what got you into it?

Crescentia: Oh my, the beginnings are very humble at first. The initial somewhat lewd drawings were when I was... 13 years old? I think?

So I would say the culprit that made me draw hentai was simply puberty, haha. ^^

Though I wasn't drawing those regularly and mostly kept them a secret to myself.

The ones I was drawing at the time were mostly kept secret, and the artwork I was showing was pretty tame things like shirtless guys like Orochimaru from Naruto and Dante from Devil May Cry.

Over the years, I grew more confident in drawing hentai bit by bit, (even though I still rarely showed those to anyone) and then later I started my work on Paperheads.

Ever since then I‘ve drawn a lot of hentai.

LewdGamer: How did you arrive at your current art style?

Crescentia: I would say it's an amalgamation of things I like and stuff I observed my favorite artists do, plus whatever my hand is able to produce out of that.

Kinda like handwriting. Everyone learns how to correctly write letters but everyone also just happens to have a personal touch in their handwritings, intentional or not.

So all I do is look at a lot of art from fellow artists I admire and search for things that I personally find pretty and try adding that to the mix. It's a never-ending process of constant improvements.

LewdGamer: Do you draw for a particular kind of audience?

Crescentia: Since I mostly draw for work-related things nowadays, I would say I draw for the general hentai community with a focus on curvy female characters in the spotlight.

And a sprinkle of light bondage and occasional tentacles.

On my free days, I mostly (not always though) draw pretty face beefcakes because I don't get to draw many of them during commissions, but that's more for my personal enjoyment. It also helps for practice, so I won't forget how to draw them.

We, as a team, have the goal to have games that have some handsome guys along the pretty girls, but we have the feeling that there's not exactly an audience for that. Even back with Paperheads we even got criticized for having handsome boss enemies... D:

So, from that, we feel that most people enjoy either the "regular" hentai with a focus on the heroine only, harem scenarios, yuri, or yaoi. Generally, it really seems to be tough to find an audience that doesn't mind hentai were both pretty girls and handsome guys are visible on a CG during hentai scenes.

LewdGamer: What is your favorite character and fetish to draw?

Crescentia: Hm, I would say I like to draw Sethos, his twin sister Safiya, and Catheline the most, since those are what I see as the most attractive characters I have.

Naming a fetish though is a bit hard.

I have a thing for long, beautiful hair (on males and females alike), kemonomimi, big boobs, muscles, heeled shoes of various kinds and long nails. And light bondage.

Though I'm unsure which of those would be strong enough to be considered an actual fetish. I would rather say I simply have a strong liking to those things I've named.

LewdGamer: Is there anything you wouldn't draw?

Crescentia: Extreme fetishes like guro, scat, vore and such just aren't really things I enjoy.

Also futanari and too heavy bondage are also just not my cup of tea. We do have some futanari monsters in Deathblight RPG, but that's mostly due to story reasons rather than anything else. With bondage I like to be able to recognize the characters I'm looking at and not completely wrap them up in tons of gear. Basically, I want to preserve the aesthetics of my characters or rather what I personally perceive as aesthetic.

I also wouldn't draw mecha, since I simply cannot wrap my head around mechanical things, which is why I avoid sci-fi themes completely. I like my fantasy stuff more.

LewdGamer: Do you ever face any difficulties in your drawing process?

Crescentia: Yep, some poses and angles are quite hard to draw, especially those of the more dynamic kind. Sometimes hands and feet are hard to draw or legs in general. Also backgrounds. Drawing backgrounds is no fun.

Drawing armor is quite hard too, though thankfully fantasy armor luckily doesn't exactly need to be accurate. (That nipple piercing got more armor class than a full plate! xD)

I could use some practice in drawing animals and weapons, too.

And having two characters interact with each other also often proves tricky. (like very extravagant poses or fight scenes) Tentacles are a lot easier to handle! :D

LewdGamer: Could you briefly describe some of the projects you're currently working on?

Crescentia: For my main work with our team from Projekt Wolfenstahl, I work on the Deathblight RPG, which is an RPG Maker game where you hunt demons and where game over hentai happens if you lose.

Then there is the Deathblight webcomic, with two pages per week, which shows our heroines at the beginning of their story when they've just started demon hunting. It was created to give a better glimpse into the characters' personalities and a bit more info about the world they live in. Hentai happens too, but that's more like a bonus in the webcomic and not the main part. (Like icing on a cake)

Before Deathblight RPG, our games didn't really have much in-game lore, as having too much text in the type of games we did could have disrupted their flow, so we wanted to balance that element out with the webcomic.

There’s also a freshly started side project which I can‘t talk about right now as it's still a secret, but depending on when this article goes online, it may have been publicly announced already, so keep an eye out for it on our twitter and dev blog. ;3

I also do hire work for another dev, but I'm also not allowed to spill the beans about that one just yet, or for who I'm even working.

All very secret, haha. ^^

But it's going to be revealed... soon-ish, I guess?

But yes, there is quite a lot things on my plate.

LewdGamer: Thank you for your time, Crescentia. Please stay lewd. We hope to continue to see more games from you and Projekt Wolfenstahl.

Crescentia: I hope it was at least a 'lil bit interesting and entertaining to read! :3

Thank you very much for the interview! ^w^

Crescentia can be reached directly via Twitter and her catalog of work can also be viewed on Pixiv.

Projekt Wolfenstahl's website links directly to the group's many artistic endeavors as well as their Patreon.

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