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UPDATE: Maomao Discovery Team appears to have been removed from Steam. At this time, we do not know any details regarding its removal.

Lolicon RPG Maomao Discovery Team is available on Steam.

Maomao Discovery Team was developed by celusis and published by celLab. In this RPG, you and your small neko assistant, Maomao, are on a journey to cure Maomao of a curse put on her by a succubus.

Wander through the labyrinth, fight the monsters, and power ups to increase your skills or improve your equipment. The battles are turn-based and as Maomao’s HP drops, her clothes rip and tear. If you want to get through easy battles quickly, you can activate auto-exploration to let Maomao to battle on her own.

The longer you spend in the labyrinth, the more Maomao’s lust will increase. You can upgrade her lust level by having sex and, by upgrading, you can unlock more sexual positions to perform with Maomao.

. This is an idle RPG game.

It’s easy to handle those RPG battles.

Aside from RPG battles, you can ask Maomao to do auto explorations,

so that they can be enhanced and empowered with skills.

When you encounter strong enemies, you can either go back to the labyrinth for practices,

or ask your Maomao to do auto explorations and ultimately you will beat the enemies someday.

(You could still get all the game contents without auto exploration.)

.When your Maomao’s HP is reduced,

three types of changes will be effective for its graphic.

.This is a pure love game in which you are able to

cultivate relationships with your Maomao from time to time,

and the higher level of lust you get, the more sex positions

you can play with your Maomao.

.There are some power-ups elements,

including learning skills, enhancing skills, weapons and bases.

.The window can be minimised,

so that you can play the game whenever you want,

and you can have sex with your Maomao whenever you would like.

.This game has auto battle and speed-up functions so that you can do a quick play.

!Game System:

.Battle system:

The player and the enemy both have special skill deck when the battle starts,

and the player has four weapon decks while the enemy has only one,

during every round, the player and the enemy can choose one special skill to attack each other.

When all the special skills are used up, they can consume the number of rounds to reload.

.You can get gear, special skills and normal skills in the labyrinth,

once you get a duplicate gear or special skill, their efficiency will be enhanced.

.Under specific circumstance in the labyrinth, the lust of Maomao will be increased,

Maomao’s lust level will be upgraded after have a sex,

and you can play more sex positions with Maomao when its level is upgraded.

You can purchase Maomao Discovery Team on Steam for $9.99.

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