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Luscious Spirit Studios Launches Kickstarter for Mystics of Sapphia

Luscious Spirit Studios has started a Kickstarter to fund their yuri murder mystery visual novel, Mystics of Sapphia.

Luscious Spirit Studios, an independent development team behind the Ace Jam title Lovely Anemone, has decided to fund their next visual novel through Kickstarter. Titled Mystics of Sapphia, the project is a mystery yuri visual novel.

The story concerns itself with Laria, a young princess whose mother gifted her a charm with magical properties. One night, when Laria was murdered, the charm sent her soul into the body of her servant maid. Having no proof of these events, Laria had to flee the scene of murder and begin life as an actual maid to a heartless old aristocrat. Fortunately, she had the chance to meet three mystics — a saint, a medium, and an alchemist witch— who may help her solve the mystery and right the death of her parents, and her friend whose body she inhabits.

Below you can find the game’s official description, promotional video, characters bios and sample screenshots:

Play as a princess who recently escaped an assassination attempt thanks to a charm her mother gave her. However the charm caused her to swap bodies with her servant who died in her place. She escaped, but now must hide in her beloved servant's body. Will she decide to try and reclaim the throne? Who will believe her? Perhaps one of three mystics, loyal to the royal family can help her take control of her kingdom. That is... if she doesn't get distracted by romance.

The original goal of the Kickstarter was to reach $1.500 USD, but the team has since surpassed it, having collected a total of $2.900 by the time of this writing. You can still aid in the development of Mystics of Sapphia by donating further to the Kickstarter, which also lets you acquire promotional goods, such as the game itself in the $10 tier or a tie-in comic book for $20.

A demo of the game is available on the Itch.io page. It will allow you to see the beginning stages of the story, meet the mystics and chose whose help Laria will accept.

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