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Fan translation team Tsurezurescans has continued their work on Tone Works’ Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, translating another of the game's routes.

As we spoke back during the common route’s release, the fan translation team Tsurezurescans is working hard on making Tone Work’s Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai more accessible to the western audience.

Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai is a slice of life romance eroge with a school life setting. The protagonist, Hino Ryousuke, returns to his hometown after years of absence and enrolls in school once more. There, he reconnects with his friends, finds new ones, and discovers many people’s wonderful dreams for the future. Wanting to become even closer with his friends, Ryousuke begins to help out others more eagerly.

The just-translated route allows players to romance Shinozaki Marika, Ryousuke’s childhood friend, with whom he'd play with. Back then, Marika was troubled by asthma attacks and had to take time off school because of them. During these periods, Ryousuke would keep her company. She promised him to get better by the time he comes back, and she kept her word.

The next route Tsurezurescans will focus on is Okihara Misa's. She’s slightly older than Ryousuke, and her father is the director of an aquarium. Misa loves marine biology and displays a wide knowledge of the subject.

The previous release of the translation contained about eight percent of the game’s script, comprising only the common route part of the novel. Currently, the team estimates that they are 23.85% into the project, having completed Marika’s route and beginning working on Misa’s.

Just like with the previous release, the English patch can be found on Tsurzeurescans’ WordPress page. There have been no estimates made for the next translation update will be completed.

You can purchase the digital version of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai from Getchu for ¥8,424.

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