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The 2D action nukige INSECT HAZARD is available on Steam.

INSECT HAZARD was developed and published by H-GAME. You play as Kaori Shinozaki, an inexperienced teacher at Shukujinchu Girl's Academy whose family line has been fighting off insect attacks for generations. The reason she is at this school is because every 100 years, insects attack the academy to impregnate the girls there and, whether she likes it or not, Kaori is the only one who can stop them.

Rescue your students and kill the insects that are raping them. Be careful not to shoot your students or you will lose a life. However, you can restore one of your lives by masturbating or receive healing from the students you saved. If you are defeated, you will become just another surrogate mother for the insects.


It is the year the urban Shukujinchu Girl's Academy.

There is a tradition that the academy is attacked by insects every 100 years.,,


This is a horizontally scrolling action game.

The players operate the teacher and solve the puzzle.

The insects relentlessly attack the teacher.

Be aware that your clothes may be ripped by the insects.

When you enter the classroom, it turns into a 3D action game.

The event where you save the girl's academy students starts.

The 20 or more types of scne consist of dot animation and full color illustrations.

The action section are specially made with dots.

There are various traps and events set in each scene,

so people who like dot animation and 2D illustrations will never tire of it.

The voices for the event scenes are in Japanese, but there are English subtitles.

It has levels of difficulty and hidden tricks from the beginning,

so it is also fun for people who do not enjoy action so much.

Details on the game are published on the H-GAME website.

You can purchase INSECT HAZARD on Steam for $5.99. There is also an adult patch you can download for free on H-GAME’s website.

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