Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Digital store platform Indiegala is offering two lewd, time-limited bundles. One containing games from the Leisure Suit Larry series and the other featuring eight games by Ume Soft.

Indiegala is a store platform mainly focused on offering gaming bundles. Currently they have on their offer a lewd package of Leisure Suit Larry titles, as well as an even more naughty bundle of games by Ume Soft.

The Leisure Suit Larry series is one of the oldest examples of lewd games. Originally written by Al Lowe, the games follow Larry Laffer, a middle-aged midget down on his luck trying to finally get rid of his virginity, at which he often fails. Some later games by different studios would see much the same type of stories befall his nephew, Larry Lovage.

Indiegala has now on offer a bundle containing all six mainline titles by Sierra, and the Magna Cum Laude spin-off by High Voltage Software. We have spoken of these games at length before. You can see our review of the first three games here, our look at the Leisure Suit Larry Collection here, our impressions of Love for Sail here, and finally a review of Magna Cum Laude right here.

The Leisure Suit Larry Bundle will last for 20 days and cost $4.99. Aside for Larry’s adventures, it contains a few extra games: Hanse — The Hanseatic League, Epic Car Factory, Twickles, The Great Art Race, Ceville, and two Pizza Connection games. You can get it here.

The much hotter U+Me SEDUCTION bundle contains eight games by Ume Soft: School Idol QT Cool, Busty Maid Creampie Heaven!, Nakadashi Banzai, Nakadashi Banzai 4, Neighbor Watching, Lust of the Apartment Wives, and two Detective Masochist games: The Case of the Femdom Torture and The Case of the Tortured Servant.

All of these titles are visual novels with heterosexual pairings featuring mature-looking women. Obviously, there are also gimmicks that spice things up, like the protagonist of School Idol QT Cool being an especially girly looking boy, or the Detective Masochist series having strong focus on female domination in sex.

The U+Me SEDUCTION bundle will last for 15 more days as of the time of writing. You can get it here for $9.99. The games come as DRM-free downloadable files and feature English subtitles.

In case you missed something or skipped the body of the article, you can get the Leisure Suit Larry bundle here for $4.99, and the U+Me SEDUCTION bundle for $9.99 here.

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