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Chest Bounciness Setting Removed and More Steam Added to the PS4 Version of NEKOPARA Vol.1

Sony’s new regulations have caused the PS4 version of NEKOPARA vol. 1 to be censored.

In Japan, NEKOPARA vol.1 was released on the PS4 a day earlier than the planned release date and fans of the franchise have noticed some differences made to the game. The changes made to the game reflect Sony Interactive Entertainment's new regulations in regards to sexual content. In NEKOPARA vol.1's case, Sony removed one of the toggles in settings and added more steam to the bath scenes.

The “Chest Bounciness” option was missing from the settings menu. This toggle allowed you to adjust the jiggle physics in the game and whether you wanted no bounce or a lot of bounce to your neko boobs. This was completely removed from the PS4 version of the game while the version for the Nintendo Switch, remained untouched. The Touch Mode feature, which gave you the ability to touch different areas of a character's body and that character would respond to how you touch her, was still functional.

The PS4 version did not have white rays of censorship on some of the pantyshots and ecchi moments in NEKOPARA, but there was more steam added to the bath scenes. When compared to the version on the Switch, there is more steam on their breasts on the PS4 version than the Switch.

All the images below come from @dolly_silent's Twitter account. For reference the PS4 version is on top and the Switch version is on the bottom.

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