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Crossed Moon, Circle aphrodite’s fantasy adventure RPG about a ditzy tomboy, has now been released on DLsite in English.

Crossed Moon is a fantasy RPG that concerns itself with the coming-of-age story of Luna. The girl is a daughter of her village’s head, and by local tradition, that makes her responsible for keeping it safe. As a result, she was raised as a warrior. Her elven ancestry helped with that even further, granting her access to magic.

This lifestyle had the adverse effect of Luna becoming a tomboy. In spite of her luscious body, she’s very much oblivious to her sexual appeal and doesn’t even recognize the indecency in nudity. This innocent personality is going to be put through a strenuous test, as Luna’s father sends her out into the world, hoping that she will mature as she sees what the land entails.

What awaits her is tons of sexual abuse from ill-meaning, tricky people. She will discover her yearning for the pleasures of the flesh, and even let go of her own lust to take advantage of men to satisfy her hunger.

Below you can find the official description and promotional images for Crossed Moon:

A young martial artist who lives in a peaceful village. Her name is Luna.

She spends days while training herself with monsters.

Luna is brought up to become the guardian of the village, like a boy.

She is innocent, fearless, shameless and devoid of common sense.

Seeing this, her father decides to order her to see the world.

Thus Luna departs for a journey to train herself.

But what awaits her is lots of sexual harassment!

Being innocent, she is taken advantage of by others, violated, and yet sometimes reverse-r*pe them.

Variety of ecchi events include: r*pe, outdoor sex, sex in public, reverse-r*pe of shota, threesome, interspecies sex, tentacle, bondage, prostitution, and more.

A boyish heroine faces the world and gets corrupted with obscenity.

A mixture of manlike character and female nature... it's called a crossed moon...

Scenario and production by KOZAKI

You can purchase Crossed Moon on DLsite for about $9.55, estimated from 1,080JPY. You can also download a demo version of the game from the store page.

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