Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Sol Press has revealed plans to localize and publish five new visual novels: Love Among the Sunflowers; My Fair Princess; Choose Your Mistress; Nukitashi (Working Title); and Onii♥️Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?

Sol Press is a localization and publishing company from Southern California. Previously, they released Newton and The Apple Tree, and are working on localizing Sakura Sakura. Recently, they have also made new announcements for five more upcoming titles.

Their first tweet revealed Love Among the Sunflowers, a slice of life visual novel developed by More. It focuses on Yuu, a second-year student at Ishigami Gakuen, who feels like his life is being wasted away, and seeks the motivation to do something about it. Over time, he starts paying attention to four girls that have their own peculiar issues. Ai is the most beautiful girl at school but sees herself as a delinquent. Yuu’s classmate Akane is yearning for some recognition, while the quiet Shori is searching for ghosts. Finally, his childhood friend Kana is trying to relight her old friendships.

The second title is My Fair Princess by PeasSoft. The game takes place in a school for the rich, but the protagonist himself is not among the wealthy. He has earned his entry into the academy thanks to a scholarship and hides that fact for now. He aspires to become a doctor to help his mother. During his studies, he’s approached by the school’s most popular girl Kana, who requests that he leads the school's festival this year.

The third title, also developed by PeasSoft, is Choose Your Mistress. This story takes place at a different academy for the rich. The game’s protagonist, Naoya, enrolled there on a scholarship but also handles extra work as a butler. He finds four potential students he could serve, and each of these popular, rich girls, turns out to be heavily into BDSM, either as sadists or masochists.

Their fourth announcement is a novel by Qruppo with the tentative title, Nukitashi. It takes place on an erotic island paradise, where devious sex is not only legal but also enforced. This is an issue for the transfer student Jonnosuke, who believes that sex shouldn’t take place without love. Jonnosuke and his friends will have to protect their virginity from the student council and the disciplinary committee.

SolPress's final announcement is for the incestuous romance Onii♥️Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? by Tinkle Position. Which concerns itself with the peculiar Seguchi family. The mother of the current generation has instilled a very specific courtesy in her family: you should kiss someone as a thank you if they do something nice or help you with a chore. The protagonist is currently the only boy in the family, and recently moved out to a separate house to concentrate on his studies; however, the sisters still compete to kiss him the most.

All of the announced titles will come with free adult patches on Steam and Panty Press. There are no concrete release dates currently available, but Sol Press is hoping to publish My Fair Princess early next year, with Love Among the Sunflowers coming out before then.

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