Daddy is coming

Shota-kun’s sexy adventures in My Perverted Experience Record are available in English on DLsite.

Oppaiclick’s exploration RPG, My Perverted Experience Record follows a boy named Shota, or whatever you choose to name him, as he visits his mother’s hometown and somehow goes back in time. With this strange occurrence, Shota explores the past while helping people, finding items, and getting into erotic hijinks. From strip clubs to porn shoots, by raising Shota's ERECTION LEVEL, he can get into all kinds of sexual situations.

There are twelve different girls in total that Shota can meet and fuck, such as a widow, teacher, stripper, porn star, Shota's mom, and more. All the girls' names can be changed as well.

"My Perverted Experience Record" is an exploration style

HRPG with no battles created using RPG Tkool MV.

Raise your ERECTION LEVEL, search for items and

enjoy the various erotic events you encounter on your adventure.


When Shota (name changeable) returns to his mother's hometown,

he suddenly slips back in time. Shota then proceeds to perform erotic mischief,

help people out, search for items and enjoy various erotic events.

There are 12 girls in total (including a group of 3),

a strip club and porn recording studio and more for Shota to interact with.


Akane: Childhood friend

Kaname: Akane's elder scary sister

Saori: Slut that loves erotic manga

Yuuko: Kaname's school teacher

Usagi: Stripper looking for the strip club

Sachie: Widow working at the supermarket

Youko: Akane and Kaname's mother

Aimi: Popular porno actress

Yumi: One of the three art club girls always together

Mizuki: One of the three art club girls always together. Peeper

Risako: One of the three art club girls always together

Shota's Mother

* All names are changeable!


24 events / 12 pose art / 35 base CG (69 total including variations)

If you are interested in My Perverted Experience Record, you can buy the game on DLsite for $12.50. There is also a demo available to help you make a decision. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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