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Yuzusoft’s upbeat visual novel Sabbat of the Witch has been published on Steam by NekoNyan Ltd.

Sabbat of the Witch is an urban fantasy story set in an alternate universe where magical witches exist. However, girls who want this power have to sign a contract, which comes with ramifications. For example, Shiiba Tsumugi feels sick when wearing feminine clothing, and Ayachi Nene suffers random fits of unbearable sexual arousal.

This is extremely problematic for Ayachi, who is a well-known, attractive student with a good reputation at school. One day she chose to use a desk at the library to relieve herself of the nymphomaniac pressure and was caught.

The boy who saw her was the novel’s protagonist, Hoshina Shuuji. He has a special ability of his own, which allows him to perceive other people’s emotions. Not long after he sees Ayach’s lustful side he also discovers her magical alter ego, which begins their unique relationship.

The game advertises itself as featuring:

- Lighthearted yet surprisingly dramatic romance story,

- Unparalleled artstyle,

- Enticing supernatural elements,

- Well-designed main character who is more than just your generic protagonist,

- High number of vocal songs coupled with a varied and memorable arrangement of background music,

- Routes for four fantastic heroines and also one side heroine,

- 40-50 hours of content.

Sabbat of the Witch was developed by Yuzusoft and saw its initial release in Japan in 2015. The English Western release is being published by NekoNyan Ltd. Below you can view the game’s opening video and some sample screenshots:

You can purchase Sabbat of the Witch on Steam for $26.99 at 10% off until the second of November. Once the promotion is over, the game will cost $29.99.

The game’s adult content has been tucked away as a free adult patch DLC. You will be able to download it only if you set your store preferences to allow adult only sexual content.

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