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SMILE’s visual novel The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is now on Steam.

Developed by SMILE and published by Sekai Project, The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is about Ren, a guy who was accidentally moved into a girls dormitory for rehabilitating incompetent demons. These mystical girls are bad at being the monsters that they are. There’s a yuki-on'na — a snow woman youkai — who can’t stand being cold, a mummy girl that’s not comfortable in tight bandages, a fallen angel that doesn’t understand the concept of modesty, and more. Now that Ren is here, he is given the task of watching over and assisting these demon girls through their rehabilitation.

Ren’s virginity is in danger! His childhood friend Riria was frantically trying to take off his clothes and begging to touch him. The truth is that she’s actually a succubus and was embarrassed not having any sexual experience at her age.

He was suddenly pushed into the school’s special dormitory. It was a girls’ dormitory full of useless demons: Yuu, the yuki-onna who was extremely sensitive to the cold; Arle, the mummy girl who is uncomfortable with tightness and loves the feeling of freedom; Emiri, the hopeless angel who has no sense of modesty and who is also his step sister; and, Miyabi, the witch who passionately develops a love drug to bring happiness to the world. The dormitory was built to rehabilitate them and since he was mistakenly moved there, he was assigned as an assistant to watch over them. His happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.


- Five beautiful heroines to romance

- CG Gallery unlocked upon completion

- Music gallery to listen to your favorite in game tracks

- Stand gallery to make customs scenes with the characters

- Partially animated sprites

- Beautiful art by the talented artist Sayori (Nekopara series)

- Scenario by Kikuzuki Kou, Kobayashi Hiro, and Yukihito

- Subroutes for Kiritani Reika, Ryuusenji Aifa, and Shibasaki Rin

If you are interested in The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me, you can find it on Steam for the discounted price of $22.49. After November 2nd, the price will go back up to $24.99. There is also 18+ DLC available, which will unlock adult scenes from in the game. The DLC costs $9.99, You can also purchase the DLC bundled with the game at the price of $29.23, at the time of writing it's unknown how the bundle's price will be affected when the 10% discount ends.

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