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Frontwing’s new slice-of-life trilogy begins with Loca-Love My Cute Roommate, a daily life story of a couple that temporarily moved in together.

Loca-Love My Cute Roommate starts with troubles befalling Aoi Ichitaro. The piping in his apartment bursts, leaving him temporarily homeless until repairs are done. Thankfully his cute, pink-haired, large-breasted co-worker Kojika Hiwa invites him to spend this time at her place.

The novel is a simple story of an already endeared pair taking their chance at becoming even closer together. Developed by Frontwing, Loca-Love My Cute Roommate began its life on Kickstarter, where it reached slightly beyond its $30,000 goal. Loca-Love, or Location Love, is planned to be a small franchise, which will feature two more games in the future, each with a different heroine.

Below you can see the opening video, official description, and sample screenshots of Loca-Love My Cute Roommate:

Loca-Love is a visual novel with art by nanaca mai, of Corona Blossom and Grisaia fame, and a story by Japanese writer Hozumi Kei, famous for his sweet and romantic love stories. It follows the exciting but slightly awkward love life of protagonist Aoi Ichitaro after he moves in with the dreamy and beautiful girl he's had a long-time crush on...


Aoi Ichitaro had been living on his own, until disaster strikes at his apartment and he's temporarily evicted.

However, his misfortune turns out to be a blessing in disguise...

"Y-You're... free to come and stay at my place!!"

Kojika Hiwa - Ichitaro's coworker at his part-time job - seems to have gathered all her courage to invite him over. Ichitaro, who had already taken a liking toward her, happily accepts, signaling the beginning of their new life together. At first, things are awkward and embarrassing, but once the two become aware of their mutual feelings, their life takes a turn for the sweet.

Sleeping, eating, going to school... every moment of the day is pure bliss when spent together with the caring and homey Hiwa. Naturally, Ichitaro wishes that they could keep on living together forever. There's just one thing he needs to do to make that happen...

You can purchase Loca-Love My Cute Roommate on Steam for $17.99 at 10% off until the first of November, after which the price will go up to $19.99.

The game was released with an uncensor patch, and will not contain adult content without the patch. You can get the patch for free from Jast USA.

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