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Pang and Bang Is Now Available on Steam

HeHeHe! Productions’ second game, Pang and Bang, has premiered on Steam.

Pang and Bang is an action side-scrolling puzzle game in which you take control of a small man bursting falling bubbles apart. The broken bubbles grant you points and may drop useful power ups, like improvements to your hook or a time freeze.

To make things more difficult, broken will bubbles split into two smaller ones, which may happen multiple times depending on the bubble’s initial size. Any missed bubbles will bounce back up from the floor or walls, and you lose the game if any of them come in contact with you.

The game was inspired by Pang, also known as Buster Bros. in North America, and the puzzle genre it has created. Pang and Bang’s spin on the idea is to add lewd women into the backgrounds of each level, as well as more explicit graphics.

Pang and Bang is the second game developed and published by HeHeHe! Productions. Their previous title was Gothicc Breaker. You can read Pang and Bang’s official description, and see some sample screenshots below:


The developers describe the content like this:

The game features static pictures of explicit sexual content and naked bodies.


Pang and Bang is a tribute to the old "pop the bubbles" games that you could find in the arcades, but with an erotic twist.

Play as a grotesque monkey and pop as many bubbles as you can!

Go back to the gallery to see all the beautiful ladies that you have unlocked!

Z - Jump, X - Fire. As simple as that!

You can purchase Pang and Bang on Steam for $1.49 at 25% off. After the promotion ends on November 1st the game will cost $1.99 at full price.

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