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Social Media Platform Gab Bans Lolicon

Gab has banned all forms of lolicon content from their “free speech” social media platform.

Gab has advertised itself as an alternative social media platform to Twitter that prides itself in allowing all types of speech on their site. Now, their free speech stance is being questioned after Andrew Torba, the CEO of the company, replied to a message regarding loli censorship that has been going on.

In his post, Torba replies:

Real simple: we don't welcome that garbage here. Take it to Mastodon if you want to share cartoons depicting the abuse, nudity, and sexual fetishization of children, which is illegal in many countries. Debate the legal grey area in the US all you want, but to us 18 USC 1466A is pretty clear and I think 99% of people would agree with us. Loli is cancer and demonic.

Lolicon has been a hot button topic that has been discussed for some time on different social media platforms, but the reason Gab has been getting so much attention is because it is known for allowing free speech for all. Andrew Torba has this post at the top of his profile page.

Free speech means you can offend, criticize, and make memes about any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Sick and tired of the double standards for “acceptable speech” and “protected classes” on both the left and the right.

Free speech for ALL about ALL.

The following images feature Torba's stance on free speech and a continuation of his response on lolicon.

Some users on Gab are endorsing Torba’s stance on lolicon despite not knowing what it is, while others believe that children, real or fictional, being placed in sexual situations should not be tolerated at all. There are also comments against Torba’s stance, calling Gab hypocritical for claiming to be “a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online,” which is the first thing you see when going on

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