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SmallSquirrel’s card game RPG, Story of Eve - A Hero's Study, has found its way to Steam.

As an oracle unveils the prophecy of a demon lord’s return, brave adventurers rise up in arms hoping to become the world’s next heroes. Among them is Eve, a young, thieving girl, hoping to take the second place. So begins Story of Eve - A Hero's Study.

Story of Eve - A Hero's Study is a simple card-based RPG with a rock-paper-scissors style combat system. Whenever exploring a new location, Eve draws ten event cards for each location within the zone. Card effects involve finding loot, getting into fights, triggering event scenes, or safely moving forward.

In combat, the player draws a set of cards representing defense, attack or technique. Defense beats attack, attack beats technique, and technique beats defense. Additionally, there are two types of health: HP and EP. The first is reduced through attacks, and the other by playing defense or technique.

Losing all your EP against a boss will trigger a defeat sex scene. Other CGs are earned through story progression and random events. Additionally, killing and exploration allow Eve to gather gems, which can be used to upgrade your outfit.

Below, you can read the game’s official description and view some sample screenshots:


When an oracle tells that the demon lord will arise again, people are seized with fear.

However, some heroes stand up against the fear! This story begins with a certain female thief...

Eve Rukia has just started her adventure aiming to be the second-ranked

hero for which she has longed. However, her way of practice is not that smooth.

Will she be able to be a hero? Otherwise......


- 6x violation scenes + 3x events

- 6x costumes + naked

- Easy card battle like rock paper scissors

* Genre: RPG

* Platform: PC

* Supporting languages: Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English (switchable in gameplay)

* Costume Collection & Defeat Violation

illustration: Sayika

Produced By: SmallSqurriel

You can purchase Story of Eve - A Hero's Study on Steam for $2.99 or on DLsite for an estimated $3.83 (432 JPY).

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