Putting the D in the double D.

Brazilian developer Mega Blue Ball debuts with their Bomberman-inspired hentai puzzle game, Pixie Panic Garden.

In Pixie Panic Garden , you play as the titular Pixie, a young woman living with her mom and sister. One day, their garden becomes infested by fantastical creatures. Pixie has to get rid of the intruders and find out who they are, and what they want.

Pixie can fight the monsters using bombs and equippable items. She will face all manner of creatures, ranging from suspicious humans to fauns, man-eating worms, tentacle vines, and perverted slimes, all eager and ready to knock her up after she falls to the ground.

You can read the game’s official description and see some sample screenshots below:

The main character's name is Pixie. She is a young woman who lives in a peaceful city with her mother and younger sister. But when she wakes up one day, she finds her precious garden being invaded by a horde of monsters! Now she must use the powers that her late grandmother passed to her to fight against the monsters and discover who is behind this invasion and save her garden.

Pixie Panic Garden is a fun and challenging action game in the style of classic bomberman games from the super nintendo and genesis eras. In PPG, that classic formula is spiced up with the addition of equipable skills for the main character, enemies each with their own set of malicious tricks and behaviour, levels with specific objectives to keep you on your toes and different stages with secrets and hazards that will put your abilities to the test.

Pixie Panic Garden also features many 16-bit style, erotic pixel sprite animations for a variety of fetishes, with a unique animation for every enemy in the game, ranging from monsters and creatures to humanoids both male and female, retro style CG's for the bosses with different variations and a gallery mode where you can enjoy all of this content at your leisure, including an option to sync the sprite animations with their respective CG versions.

With a catchy soundtrack to keep your spirits up, a mix of strategy and action to suit your gameplay urges and cutely draw, animated and voiced erotic content, PPG will for sure bring entertainment and enjoyment to you! I hope you have a great time playing it!

You can purchase Pixie Panic Garden on Steam or Itch.io for $6.99, on Nutaku for $7, or on DLsite for $7.70.

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