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J-List has opened pre-orders for Nitro+CHiRAL’s BL horror visual novel Sweet Pool.

Sweet Pool, developed by Nitro+CHiRAL, will be the debut release for the BL publisher, JAST BLUE. Sweet Pool revolves around Sakiyama Youji. After leaving the hospital and returning to school, Youji was hoping to go about his life normally, but strange things are happening around him. He started having horrific hallucinations of blood and flesh every day. Also, two students, Tetsuo and Zenya, began taking a sudden interest in Youji. What do they want from Youji, and what do these hallucinations mean? Can he find the answers to these questions, or will that lead him to his own demise?

The English release of the acclaimed BL classic sweet pool is now available for preorder.

A provocative, atmospheric horror story that is certain to linger long in the memory of everyone who plays it, sweet pool represents the first opportunity for English-speaking fans of visual novels and of BL to show their support for Nitroplus CHiRAL.

Players have a choice between two game experiences: an all-ages version available through Steam and an uncensored 18+ edition available through the JAST BLUE website. The uncensored version is available as both a digital download and in hard copy with soundtrack and steam key, and a special premium fan collection filled with merch is also on offer.

There are two Sweet Pool packages up for pre-order, 18+ physical limited edition and premium fan edition. The limited edition contains a physical copy of the game on DVD-ROM, original soundtrack with two CDs, five illustration cards, a Steam key for the game, and a JAST USA download key. The premium fan edition does not provide a physical copy of the game. However, it does have the art book, exclusive Sweet Pool tote bag, four acrylic figures with four backdrops, exclusive Sweet Pool T-shirt, a ten piece can-badge set, five A4-sized clearfile folders, five exclusive Sweet Pool postcards, a proof of purchase with a unique serial number, and a Steam download key.

Sweet Pool is scheduled to release December 19th, 2018. You can pre-order the limited edition for $40.00 and the premium fan edition for $150.00 on J-List.

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